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Time Machine (2017)

"Circles, angles, arcs, lines, intersections, Wendy Eisenberg is an explorer, inventor, author, observer, reporter, and much more. On the vanguard of the new new school, where teacher and student are irrelevant distinctions, Wendy has smelted these fine alloys for you; to build a skyscraper with a new type of scaffold." - Matt Pike, Founder of HEC Tapes

"She seems to balance on a polarity between the abstract and the pragmatic, referencing geometric lines, the neat collision of mathematics, and coyly teasing out an equation that we’ve yet to see (or understand) in full. And with that air of mystery, there’s intrigue." - Kelly Kirwan, ThrdCoast

Cassette released April 2017 on HEC Tapes. 

Vinyl Re-Release slated Spring 2018 on Feeding Tube Records