January 2018

The month I'm writing about is almost over; I have no idea when certain due dates are dating, and have even less of an idea what the results of this coupling will look like. Will I be the writer, the poet, the jongleur, or the journeyman? Most of my January was spent in silence in Brattleboro, being the poet's microphone for their MFA residency. I made friends there, but my solitude allowed for new space to contemplate the space I take up. I have very few models  - my career isn't just "songs" or "rock songs" or "improvised guitar" or "writing" or "composed work" or "session guitar" - it's all of these things and all of their intermediaries. How do you "market" that? 

I've been thinking about this and the first step I've taken is to avoid all TV and have all the recreational things be "friend" related. Have I sent you an email? Have I tried hard enough today to learn about art so that I feel like taking a break is wise? How does this concern you, imaginary reader? What are the things I can do, one at a time, to reveal the connections of things?

Upon my return I've had a few shows, but mostly I feel alienated enough from my practice (stay with me...this is a good thing) to learn even more about *music*. A great benefit to not knowing the point of things is having to figure out everything's reason and meaning for yourself. Things will speed up in February, but for now my head is here: what is resolve? What does a musician's resolution mean for the world? What would it mean for you to hear my secrets, and how should they be conveyed?

Let's keep thinking.... 

Wendy Eisenberg