It's Gonna Be May

Hello a-team!!

(she attempts the blog)

i'm writing from grainy Bridgeport Connecticut, where I stopped to do some grading for a class I teach, and got so distracted from the very soul of my actual work that I began to edit this website. I'm drinking coffee again, and this caffeine high so graces you with some amazing news about the next few months (if you decide to read on ..... )

First - I'll be playing my first full band show of my songs in May (may 24, to be exact ;0=0)! I've been playing in a lot of bands a lot of the time, but this is the first time I've put these solo songs forward in an orchestrated-out way. Like many important western mass happenings, this is going down at the Flywheel, with scene stalwarts New Mom and New York zephyrs Maitri, a project including the brilliant sax player Caroline Davis (who sings here!). The band is Nicholas Bisceglia and Anders Griffen, a long suffering, ragtag group of champions.

This gig is somewhat of a home-field advantage/scrimmage before the big leagues, aka the recording session I'll be doing at Figure 8 in June. This will be the first non-4-track version of my music to come out in recent memory. I'm writing this blog down mainly to remind myself that it's possible to take my own music seriously, even as I pursue the batshit intense performance schedule that I feel is necessary....I can't wait to see what shape this will take. 

Other news is just as exciting....I'll be opening for Eugene Chadbourne at a fancypants experimental festival in Montreal, and participating in a round of John Zorn's cobra at national sawdust - both in june, and both can be found in my tour-dates zone. I've also had an abstract accepted into the Contemporary Music Review's Improvisation edition, so look forward to some more heady writings from me (if you care for that sort of thing). 

I'm pretty lousy at keeping this thing updated, and even more awkward at declaring the good things that seem to be surrounding me, so I hope this doesn't cloy. I'm very lucky to share this hastily written little update with you, my imperceptible and beloved internet friends. 

Here's to the (nights we spent alive, here's to the tears we knew we'd cry, here's to tonight, tomorrow's gonna come to soon) spring!!! 

<3 w

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