1-5 Close Body Talent tour!

1 - red Cross, Northampton,MA

2. secret show - Brattleboro, VT (email me)

3. Dorchester Art pProject - Boston, MA

4. Spotted Dog - Hudson, NY

5. The Glove - Brooklyn, NY

8. Trixies Palace - Boston, MA - with Editrix

22. Firehouse 12 - solo banjo exhibition show - New Haven, CT

29. Spectrum Modern Guitar Festival - Spectrum, NYC


4. flywheel with leah bolton and jason robinson

9. pioneer works duo with luisa muhr

editrix tour

11. the root cellar - boston

12. curlys - buffalo 

13. the handlebar - Toronto 

14. spread art - detroit

15. chicago - tbd

16. louisville/bloomington - tbd

17. ohio -tbd

18. pittsburgh - venue can't announce yet but exists

19. dc

20. philly

21. nyc - 49 shade (don't announce yet

27. red cross - northampton (editrix)

28. trixies palace - boston - (editrix)


3-6 - Flying Luttenbachers Tour

13. solo songs at the owl with damon smith and lina tullgren

21 - trio with alexandria, wilfrido terrazzia and katherine schelmeister

22. stephen haynes songcycle



JAN 23   TUE       Middle East Upstairs                                 Boston, MA

JAN 25   THU      Brackish                                                     Brooklyn, NY

JAN 31    WED      UnCharted                                                Lowell, MA


FEB 2       FRI       The Internet                                               Amherst, MA

FEB 4       SUN     The New School                                         New York City, NY

FEB 16      FRI       unlisted address                                        Boston, MA

FEB 23      FRI       The Stone                                                 2nd St, Lower East Side, NYC

FEB 28     WED     Keston's Place                                           Portland, Maine

MARCH 2018

MAR 1     THU     Orchard St                                                New Haven, CT

MAR 2     FRI       Blockbuster Video                                     Boston, MA

MAR 3     SAT      The Glove                                                  Brooklyn, NY

MAR 4    SUN      secrets :)                                                     Philadelphia, PA

MAR 5    MON    more secrets :)                                            Washington, DC

MAR 6    TUE      Charlie's American Cafe                           Norfolk, VA

MAR 7    WED     Static Age                                                  Asheville, NC

MAR 8    THU     Betty's                                                        Nashville, TN

MAR 9     FRI       Fresh Produce                                           Macon, GA

MAR 10   SAT      Green Room                                              Louisville, KY

MAR 11   SUN      The Compound                                          Chicago, IL

MAR 12   MON    El Club                                                      Detroit, MI

MAR 13   TUE      The Liquor Store                                       Rochester, NY

MAR 14   WED    Goth Complex                                           Ithaca, NY

MAR 17    SAT     Never Get to Be Cool                                New Haven, CT

MAR 18    SUN    The Internet                                               Amherst, MA

MAR 22    THU    Lizard Lounge                                           Cambridge, MA

MAR 26   MON   Dorchester Art Project                              Dorchester, MA

MAR 30    FRI     SMFA                                                         Boston, MA

APRIL 2018

APR  6     FRI       King Street Manor                                    Northampton, MA

APR  7     SAT      New England Conservatory                      Boston, MA

APR  8     SUN -   The Armory                                               Somerville, MA

MAY 2018

MAY 5     SAT        The Brick House                                       Greenfield, MA

MAY 6     SUN       Machines with Magnets                           Providence, RI

MAY 11    FRI         Flywheel                                                   Easthampton, MA

JUNE 2018

JUNE 3    SUN      Suoni Il Popolo w/EUGENE CHADBOURNE   Montreal

MAY 2018

MAY 5     SAT        The Brick House                                       Greenfield, MA

MAY 6     SUN       Machines with Magnets                           Providence, RI

MAY 11    FRI         Flywheel                                                   Easthampton, MA

JUNE 2018

JUNE 3   SUN      Suoni Il Popolo w/EUGENE CHADBOURNE  Montreal

JUNE 7   THU     The Glove                                                              NYC

JUNE 8   FRI       ....baltimore : - )

JUNE 10  SUN      ......washington, dc .... :0)

JUNE 11   Mon   ............ philly .... :-o0)

JUNE 30 SUN      National Sawdust COBRA w/JOHN ZORN      NYC


NOV 25 SUN - solo at THE GLOVE in NYC

NOV 28 WED - solo VDSQ material. Opening for Chris Speed Trio in Portland Maine, at the SPACE GALLERY


DEC 1 SAT - Editrix (Rock band) in New Haven at Never Get to Be Cool

DEC 8 SAT - solo at Artificial Contact in Boston

DEC 11 TUES - TZADIK ALBUM RELEASE SHOW NUBLU151 in MANHATTAN with Matt Mitchell's Phalanx Ambassadors

DEC 14  FRI- solo at Sunset Luncheonette with Joe Moffett 

DEC 16 SUN - Editrix at Red Cross


Dec 31 MON (New Year’s Eve) - Editrix with Stoner Will and the Narcs, Fred Cracklin at King Street Manor Northampton 

Jan 2019

Jan 3 THURS - Balboa in Brooklyn with Devin Gray, Ryan Ferreira and Nick Dunston, Joanna Sternberg opens

Jan 13 -SUN - Inside Out IX The Solo Festival - Brooklyn Conservatory of Music- 8pm

Jan 17 THURS - Wendy Eisenberg Trio with Ches Smith and Trevor Dunn at The Footlight in Queens 

Jan 18 FRI - Close Body Talent (Editrix with Nick Bisceglia, Jake Lichter and Calvin Grad) at the Windjammer, Ridgewood, Queens

Jan 25 FRI - Editrix plays Providence

Jan 26 SAT - Editrix plays Philly tbd

Jan 27 - Editrix plays New York at H0l0 with Stice and PC Worship Feb 10 - The Quintet plays with Foam and Henry Fraser tbd

Feb 2019

Feb 21 - Wendy and Arian Shaffiee, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Feb 21-24 - No Idea Festival, Austin TX - details tba

Feb 26 - 7:30pm with Ted Reichman, Jon Starks and Grace Ward at The Lily Pad - Boston