Wendy Eisenberg
She can play with the scattershot ferocity of a cobra striking the neck of her 1989 Japanese Jazzmaster, or as contemplative and meandering as an acoustic instrumental plucked by a fireplace inside an old Upstate, NY hostel. And with two fantastic albums, former Birthing Hips guitarist Wendy Eisenberg emphasizes both sides of her style.
— Ron Hart, Billboard

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Image by Nina Westervelt for the New York Times

Image by Nina Westervelt for the New York Times

The Stone, NYC 

The New York Times covered the final improvisation shows curated by John Zorn at the Stone.  I had the honor to play one of the very last shows at it's Avenue C, East Village location.  Here is the link to the article.  Though I am not mentioned by name, I am in the image at the beginning of the February 27, 2018 article.